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026-34200009 :تلفن موسسه

026-34200012 :تلفن آموزشگاه

Donya Fathi

Learned Classical, Iranian and pop music on piano from Maestro Amir Fathi

Trained at Tehran Conservatory of Music

Supervised by Maestro Mostafa Kamal Pourtorab, Mohsen Elhamian, Marina Aqabeykian, Tangiz Shawlo Khashoili,

Trained in Professional Harmonic music, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Solfège and music theory by Maestro Vartan Sahakian

Pianist at Mehr National Orchestra and Cooperation in Orchestra with singers such as Salar Aghili, Vahid Taj, Mohammad Motamedi, Amir Rafati

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