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Welcom to Parnia Academy

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 Music Arrangments,Edits and Productions in parnia Academy

Music Lessons

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 Educational Concerts for our pupils

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A guide to Santoor for learners

Forty Exercises for Santoor “Basic”

Forty One Exercises for Santoor ” Intermediate”

Forty Two Exercises for Santoor ” Advanced”

Yad “Fifteen pieces for Santoor”

Raghse-E Ashofteh ” Fifteen pieces for Santoor”

Negarin “Six Pieces for Santoor”

A Basic Theory into Iranian musical instruments ” For Iranian musical instruments learners”

Raqs-E Ashofteh – Iraj Bastami . R.I.P Tahrir-E Khial- Khaneh Bouy-E Gol Gereft
Raqsaneh -Molana Moulavi Celebration, Shahram Nazeri Hal-E Ashofteh – Iraj Bastami R.I.P
Zough-E Jonoon Padeshah-E Faslha -Alireza Eftekhari
In Niz Bogzarad-Fazel Jamshidi Saken-E Jan -Ali Jahandar
Sezavar-E Sokoot -Khosrow Alizadeh Bi Neshan -Ali Ansari
Vanu – Lorestan millenenial music, Iraj Rahmanpour Naqsh-E Mandegar- Mastreo Faramarz Payvar celebration
 Da – Bakhtiyari folk music, Rahim Adnani Dayni
Be Yad-E Kanoon – Music for the youth Rosvay-E Eshq – Mastreo Jalil Shahnaz anniversary, Saeed Khalaj
Kheshthay-E Esalat – Instrumental Paperik -Children music, Lorestan
Banoy-E Khial – Instrumental Soug-E Sepid -In memorial of Mastreo Faramarz Payvar, instrumental
Be Ehteram-E Eshgh – Saeb Abolghasemi Yek Jor-E Negah – Instrumental

     “Maestro Hossein Parnia Founder & manager & santoor instructor at Parnia Academy”

Academy manager,Setar instructor

Professional Iranian music lessons planner

Setar player and composer

Homayoun Ensemble Homayoun since 1994

Playing concerts in Europe, Asia, Africa.

Introducing International and domestic audiences to promote Iranian instrumental music

Producer of hit single Golpooneha by Iraj Bastami (R.I.P)

Judge at several musical festivals

:Produce and arrangements of albums such as

Our Maestro

Get to know Parnia Academy maestro

Avid Jafari

Avid Jafari  started learning guitar in 2000 in classical and flamenco and…

Pejman Parnia

Pejman Parnia Tonbak instructor Judge at Soroud-E Avaye Darya Festival, Concerts in…

Shahrokh Ghaznini

Shahrokh Ghazeiyni Born 1355 Tehran .Kamanche and Violin player Started her journey…

Maestro bijan Parvaz

Maestro Bijan Parvaz Setar Instructor Born 1350 Kermanshah Started his journey in…

Mehdi Abolghasemi

Born 1352 Tonekabon Music Instructor Started his professional music career by 1995,…

Donya Fathi

Donya Fathi Learned Classical, Iranian and pop music on piano from Maestro…

Saeb Kakavand

Saeb Kakavand Setar & Tar instructor Born 19 DEC 1983 Trained by…

Meastro Hossein Parnia

🎗Maestro Hossein Parnia Academy manager Santoor instructor Professional Iranian music lessons planner…

Our Activities

Parnia Academy is the house to the best musicians and artists to help you fulfill your journey in music

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