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026-34200009 :تلفن موسسه

026-34200012 :تلفن آموزشگاه

Records Album in Academy

1-Moj Sarab

2-Bamdad Sepid

3-Raghs -E- Mahtab

4-Az Balkh ta Ghoniye

Book & Publications

📓A guide to Santoor for learner

📓Forty Exercises for Santoor – Basic

📓Forty One Exercises for Santoor -Intermediate

📓Forty Two Exercises for Santoor – Advanced

📓Remembrance -Fifteen pieces for Santoor

📓Raghse-E Ashofteh – Fifteen pieces for Santoor

📓Negarin -Six Pieces for Santoor

📓A Basic Theory into Iranian musical instruments – For Iranian musical instruments learners

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